PowerShell Examples in my GitHub Repo

I just uploaded a few of my PowerShell samples to GitHub at https://github.com/Jose-Barreto/PowerShell. Many were mentioned in previous blog posts:

But not every file in that GitHub repo is documented in a blog post. Some are just some small tests and samples:

  • An anagram builder – Given a word, finds anagrams for it
  • Finding numbers – Finds the smallest and largest numbers
  • Your age – Does some date math to find the day of the week you were born
  • Counting words – Reads words from a sample text and finds the most popular ones
  • TCP List – Lists remote connections, including the process name and remote host

I’ve been using PowerShell since the early days when it was still called Monad and I have a very old blog post to prove it: Monad is now PowerShell, goes RC1. It grew up to be the go-to scripting language for Windows and I have lots of fun trying to use as a general-purpose language…

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