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Microsoft Graph Data Connect (MGDC) delivers rich data assets to OneDrive and SharePoint tenants, so they can run their own analytics, derive insights from their data and understand how they use these products. The data is transferred to an Azure account owned by the tenant, where they can use tools like Azure Synapse and Power BI to transform this into insightful reports and dashboards.

The two main scenarios are Security (information oversharing, external sharing) and Capacity (understanding site lifecycle and storage). SharePoint currently offers 3 datasets via MGDC: Sites, Groups and Sharing. This solution is available as a private preview in 5 regions (APC, AUS, EUR, GBR, NAM).

This blog post is a collection of links related to the OneDrive and SharePoint data available via MGDC. This is meant as pointers to specific and relevant content, which you can bookmark for future reference.

MGDC main links

  • MGDC main link – Microsoft Graph Data Connect
  • Video: Microsoft Graph Data Connect at Microsoft Mechanics – YouTube
  • Video: Microsoft Graph Data Connect with SharePoint Demo – YouTube
    Part of the Microsoft 365 Community Call on 2022-11-28

SharePoint Schemas

Step-by-step guides

Dashboard with Storage Used by Site Type
Dashboard with Storage Used by Site Type

Frequently Asked Questions (blog series)

Other Blogs about SharePoint on MGDC


Other links

Let me know if you have other links that you would like to add to this list…

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