Broken image link? Search the archive…

I blogged for 15 years using the old TechNet blogs sites, under the URL. As you can tell if you click on that old link, it’s no longer there.

That blog service was closed, but there is an archive at including all the hundreds of posts from 2004 to 2018.

I also backed up the entire old TechNet blog site and brought it over to this new blog site at, which I host using WordPress. You can also use my vanity URL at which redirects here.

The new blog site that you are using right now includes everything from my oldest blog post from 2004 at to the last post in the TechNet blogs in 2018 at, plus all the new stuff I posted only here since then.

Most of my posts are only text, but a few of them include lots of pictures. I noticed that my picture links are now broken. It seems like the URL moved to a new place when archive was created, after I transferred the blog here. I fixed the images on the most popular ones, but I don’t have an easy way to fix them all. I am sorry.

If you are really need the pictures in one of these old posts, you can take the blog post title and search on the archive at Or you can leave a comment and I can manually fix that post for you.

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