SharePoint and OneDrive + Microsoft Graph Data Connect + Ignite 2022

The Ignite 2022 conference this week brought a number of presentations and announcements from all over Microsoft. For me in the OneDrive and SharePoint team, there were plenty of news.

In my opinion, the biggest story is around Content AI and the announcement of Microsoft Syntex. If you haven’t seen it yet, I would highly recommend watching Jeff Teper’s talk:

Introducing Microsoft Syntex – Content AI for the Microsoft Cloud

Jeff talking about Syntex
Jeff talking about Microsoft Syntex

At minute 17:58, Jeff covers my favorite topic: Analytics for SharePoint and OneDrive. That is my area of focus, particularly around gathering large datasets about OneDrive and SharePoint using the Microsoft Graph Data Connect. It’s about delivering complete datasets to the tenant, including detailed information about things like Sites, Groups and Sharing.

If you want to understand that better, I highly recommend watching Graham Sheldon’s talk:

From low code to pro code:
building and buying collaborative apps to power an evolving workplace

At minute 26:25, he talks about our new Information Oversharing Synapse template (available now in the Azure Synapse gallery), along with detailed documentation on how to use it.

Dashboard created from the data in the Information Oversharing template

You can read more about it in this blog post:

Scale access to Microsoft 365 data with Microsoft Graph Data Connect

If you’re trying to catch up with all the sessions at Ignite 2022, these are my two recommendations. Let me know if you liked other SharePoint and OneDrive talks…

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